Increasing access to Affordable and Nutritious Meals

Guided by a commitment to address food insecurity and the rising cost of living, we're empowering households to eat better within their budget, transforming what is now a source of stress into a moment of joy. With the tools to make better grocery shopping choices, we can tackle the health, the waste, and the cost of living crisis.


Gabriel Corbett

Gabriel sets the strategic & product direction that propels our company forward.


Rish Chowdhry

Rish spearheads our tech, ensuring cutting-edge solutions to drive Mealia's success.

Head of Partnerships

Laura Winningham OBE

Laura establishes and nurtures partnerships for Mealia's growth and impact.

You're in good hands with team Mealia. Our team has won multiple design awards, built tech infrastructure for banking giants, and founded one of the biggest food redistribution charity in the UK. Together, we're reimagining grocery shopping.